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Evil Elvis is banned from FRN. Long live free speech, free radio is dead. I hope Cosmik and the other FRN mods feel good about this.

I made it to FRN post #1,017, post 1,018 resulted in the ban stick. Here is the post that got me banned:

Funny how all pirates that get busted or get a FCC notice are all Blowing League outsiders or enemies. Has a Blowing Leaguer EVER been busted or warned?

Well, no, not so funny actually.

[i]Some will eat and smoke with you,
Then behind them su-su pon you.
Only your friend know your secrets,
So only he could reveal it.
And who the cap fit, let them wear it![/i]

If the hat fit, wear it
If the shoe fit, trod on Duppy.

I am the Duppy Conqueror

Duppy Conqueror

Funny thing.

This post was deleted from FRN. I posted this on Syckos I see things have changed post on July 30, 2011 06:23, it was my 1,018th post. Check for yourself, it has been removed. Not there, zip, nothing, nada.

Funny how all pirates that get busted or get a FCC notice are all Blowing League outsiders or enemies. Has a Blowing Leaguer EVER been busted or warned?

Well, no, not so funny actually.

Hypocrites and parasites
Will come up and take a bite

And who the cap fit let them wear it.

The truth hurt, eh?

This is why North American shortwave pirate radio is dying, aka fisking Commander Bunny


Only a few trusted monkeys




Only sending this out to a very few trusted monkeys. (I had been previously cut off from CBs G-Eazy tickets mailing list about 9 months ago, I can only presume for sharing some of his mailing list emails with #pirateradio friends and/or my confrontations with the stale Kracker, but now I am trusted? EE)

I hope you know all this bullshit out of Poet is just that.coldplay tickets Pure Lies and fabrications.  Id no more turn anyone into the FCC than Id shoot myself.  (Commander Bunny and Kracker have a history of outing pirate broadcasters and pirate DXers that dont kiss their ass EE)

Hes just an angry, bitter, ugly fookin monkey kinky boots tickets who advertised on his blog he was located in Michigan but then wants to blame me for his demise? (If the cap fits, wear it with pride -EE)

When I responded to his email and said Washington godaddy hosting Ave I was referring to Detroit (he did say he was in Michigan).  I had no idea he was in Lansing.  If I wanted to scare him Id put his real street, not some street a few blocks away. (Oh, so Commander Bunny was just few blocks off from the report to the FCC, so it wasnt him? Talk about pmlol, lol- EE)

He attacked me for so called sock puppets. seo web hosting I didnt respond because it was foolish and stupid and face it, the guy has a bunch of them on his website and hes Guise Faux.  I thought it was funny, but now hes taken it too far. (This is pure idiocy,  Poet IS NOT Guise Faux. Neither am I for those that have accused me. Guise Faux has punked the Blowing League the fuck out- EE)

I see theyre keeping him off the FRN. houston seo  Ive already heard from people that they are sick of the ugliness on his blog and the HFU and coming back to the FRN.  If the point of having a Pirate website is to attack pirate operators, then its not accomplishing much, is it? (They? They?!? Why CB, stale Kracker and the rest of the Pirate Hall of Fame circle jerk free speech advocates would have nothing to do with that nah, no way. Not the same cabal that tried to get me banned from FRN for posting a picture of Kracker on Disgraceland from the last fest that I found on his own damn site lol. Not only did they petition to ban me from FRN, I got some off the wall email threatening to sue me for posting a pic of Kracker from Krackers own web site.-EE)

What a shame.  The guy is destroying himself.  He wants to blame everyone but himself. (Pot, meet kettle EE)

I survived Radio Bob, and few other idiots, and I will survive this asshat too.  Just a shame he wants to drag everyone he dislikes (which is a lot of folks) down with him and make Pirate Radio a mess.  Hes taken all the fun out of Pirate Radio. (Classic case of projection EE)

Only a very few people opinions that I care about.  Yours is one of them.   Just Poet attacking me, yet again.  Maybe hell move on now, to something better suited to his temperament.  AA meetings! (PMLOL! -EE)

Just wanted you to know that Poet is a liar, and his accusations are not true. (nuff said EE)

Commander Bunny

Note: I received this unsolicited email from Commander Bunny.  There was no request or obligation to keep this private. This is a prime example of why I am done with NA SW Pirate DX. While being a left wing moonbat who played the soviet national anthem as The Crystal Ships sign-on, John Poet is a good guy and has contributed more to enjoyable pirate radio than Commander Bunny, Stale Kracker, Bad Ass-Kissing Andy, string Beans and the rest of the Blowing League cabal combined EE

Pirate Radio Logs – May 13-14, 2011

Captain Morgan Shortwave, 6924.5v AM, 2317 after hearing reports of Captain Morgan for the past hour, his signal is finally just barely audible at 2317 with the song Brandy

Pirate Radio Logs May 8-9, 2011

Radio 2012 International, 6925 AM, 2302-2357* good S7-S8 signal, dance music with occasional Radio 2012 International IDs by man or female computer generate voice. I logged a Radio 2010 International back in Feb. of 2010 with the same format programming, likely the same station?

UnID, 6899.96 AM, *2351 decent carrier but poor modulation. I believe this may be WBNY. Lots of QRM from a strong pescadore on 6900 LSB.

The Crystal Ship, 6815.7v AM, *0037-0247* fair signal at sign on with the TCS interval signal, followed by the Soviet national anthem. Music by Aerosmith, Kansas.

Radio Ronin Shortwave, 6939.1v AM, 0052-0124* tuned in just after the hit the air. Great signal with back to back tunes, no talk: B52s, Steve Miller, Toto, Men at Work, Iron Butterfly. Im guessing RRS as this is a known frequency of theirs. Edit: received an email from RRS verifying that this was them. It was an audio test for the Fat Man transmitter!

Radio Free Mars, 6924.2v AM, 0149-0246* excellent signal, broadcast featuring alot of unique mixes, including After Midnight/Midnight Rider, Stones Miss You, an extended Beatles medley/mix. My first positive log of Radio Free Mars since July 11, 2009!

Pirate Radio Logs May 8

Radio Ronin Shortwave, 6944.85 AM, 0252 tune in to possible Space Truckin, RRS ID, Styx. Either left the air or faded out about 0302.

UnID, 6925.12 AM, 0310 Foo Fighters, MOnkey Brain Pudding comedy skit, Arctic Monkeys, generally fair signal.

Tale of Radio Paranoia

Guise Fauxs Tales of Radio Paranoia is recommended reading here at Disgraceland! ROFLMAO!

#Krackeradio Gestapo

Hey, I lasted about 9 seconds this time in #krackeradio!
[21:31] Liquid You are?
[21:31] 21:30 Evil Elvis
[21:31] 21:30 CaptainGanja who is ya?
[21:31] 21:30 Evil Elvis was kicked by Liquid (Liquid)
[21:31] 21:30 !! You have been kicked from #krackerradio

Funny how the Bowling Leagers are free to lurk on #pirateradio all they want and never get booted, but their paranoid stale kracker-ass licking fascist circle jerk cant handle Evil Elvis just stopping by to say sup. and try to see if anyone knew what happened to FRN. Free radio my ass, roflmao.

Stale Kracker

Off course, If I had an empty pipe and Bozos anal wart on my forehead, Id probably be in a bad mood too.

** Image removed after receiving a reasonable request from Izzy **

Evil Elviss DXpedition Mafia

Evil Elvis DX Mafia

The handsome devil in the center? He is me and I am him, slim, with the Ga-Ga brim. Whats my mutha fuckin name?

Pirate RadioLogs Feb 19-20

President Day Radio, 6925 USB, 2122-2134* patriotic hyms, ID and contact info. Poor with a few fair peaks.